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Excellent post!! It is almost ridiculous how lockdowns have been universally supported by the Indian population as a definitive measure without really understanding what the motive of the governments were. The first lockdown was a brazen effort to show who's boss and could have also been to prevent any further anti-CAA gatherings. It is heartening to see that humane thoughts exist among people and can point out the inherent hypocrisy of this whole lockdown business. One last thing I would say is that few realize that the "lockdown" of the scale it was done during COVID was something that was invented by China, which was possible due to its authoritarian nature. Never before has something so extreme which criminalized movement and association has happened. If COVID had broken out in a democratic country, especially like the USA, you can bet that no country would have considered a lockdown at all. What are your thoughts on this point?

P.S.: I really enjoy the other articles that you have been writing; thank you!

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